故选 B,根据题意中的 first 可知是参观博物馆要做的首要事情, so that you can make the most of your time at the museum. Decide which museum you will visit. There are so many different kinds of museums and you first need to find one that you like. Its easy for you to choose one and start an enjoyable visit! Do some research online. Every museum now has a website which allows you to look through the information about it. On the website,所以根据第一个建议。


you may look for such things as; The exhibits (展品) - See what is on show at the museum at all times, 51. If we visit a museum with friends,故选 D, we should first A. do some research online B. make a plan for lunch C. decide a museum to visit D. choose a friend to go with 【小升初英语团队解析】这篇短文主要介绍了如何更好的参观博物馆的五点建议, food and storage - Its important to know how much the visit will cost. You have to decide whether or not you can eat there. You might also need tofind out about transportation needs, you may become very tired. So it is A break is a good opportunity for you to think of what you have seen and what else you might want to do in the museum. Take a friend or two. Visiting museum is always a lot more fun when you are with someone else. You can talk over what youre learning. A friend also brings another way of thinking when you talk about the exhibits. 49. According to the passage,故选 C, we can A. organize activities like special shows and talks B. read the stories about exhibits and benefactors C. learn about the interests of all age groups D. walk around the museum without breaks 【小升初英语团队解析】B,根据句子中 then are many possible ways to enjoy yourself in a museum.可知文章主要讲的是 How to enjoy a museum,网搜索了解博物馆。

,C,根据题意中的 more interesting 结合短文的第二点建议中的第二点 That can make your visit more interesting, 50. To make our visit interesting,细节理解题,bags etc. Learn at least one thing on your visit. It is always good to take away something new from your visit. Plan breaks into your visit. Standing here and studying exhibits there, 52. What does the passage mainly talk about? A. What to do in a museum B. When to visit a museum C. Where to find a museum D. How to enjoy a museum 【小升初英语团队解析】主旨题, H Do you enjoy visiting a museum? Did you ever make a plan before a visit? Every museum must have something that attracts you. And then are many possible ways to enjoy yourself in a museum. If you follow these steps below,。

tours or activities on the day when you visit. Many museums hold some activities that meet the interests of all age groups. Cost, as well as storage for coats, we can A. share the experience with them B. come up wish strange ideas C. cut down the cost of the visit. D. discuss the next visit plan 【小升初英语团队解析】A 细节理解题, youll know what is worth seeing and doing,根据题意中的 share 及短文最后一段 A friend also brings another way of thinking when you talk about the exhibit. 故选 A,和朋友同行等等, and what special exhibitions are held for a short time. The history of the museum - There will often be interesting stories about the exhibits and the benefactors (捐赠者 ). That can make your visit more interesting. Activities- See whether there are talks,如:首先选择自己想要去的博物馆。